What Is Microlearning A Complete Guide For Beginners

What Is Microlearning A Complete Guide For Beginners

Learning can be a rewarding and productive adventure. Especially for your professional development. But we do not always have enough hours of the day to sit for a long time to study. Short, quick, and easy lessons, with high retention rates, are what microlearning proposes. But how microlearning works and what sets it apart from traditional methods. Here we tell you.


What is microlearning?

Microlearning or microlearning is a learning method that provides very specific information into small pieces that are easy to understand. It is the ideal way to find quick answers to specific problems. And although it is not new, the arrival of technology has made it more relevant than ever.

Essential characteristics of microlearning

As with most terms related to learning, its characteristics are a subject of continuous debate. People use this same term to refer to different ways and techniques of learning. However, they all share some common characteristics to a greater or lesser extent. These are:

How long should a microlearning session last?

According to a report from the Association for Talent Development, 13 minutes is the maximum time a session must last to be considered microlearning. Also, the ideal length of a session is 10 minutes, divided into two to five-minute segments.

Microlearning Tips

However, this is not set in stone and it will all depend on the content. Just remember that the sessions should not be too long or too short. Thus, these should focus on teaching the essential content that students need to know.

Benefits of microlearning

There are many advantages to microlearning. One of the most important is that it improves learning and performance efficiently and effectively. A study conducted by the Technical University of Dresden found that short content allows people to retain more than 20% of the information than long content.

And according to another report published by the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, when people learn small amounts of material at once, the transfer of learning is 17% more efficient than when they are expected to learn more material in a single session.

Another benefit of microlearning is that resources and classes can be accessed instantly when the student needs them. So it can be quickly consumed by students during their workday. Something impossible in traditional methods that take several hours, interfering with daily tasks.

Microlearning to improve your professional development

The educational innovation with continuous learning and development allows you to expand your knowledge to solve and improve the situations you face in your professional life. With microlearning, you can get all kinds of skills. For example, soft skills like leadership or communication, or more concrete skills like learning to use the software.

What is Microlearning

With the winning combination of e-learning and microlearning, you can learn essential topics for your professional development quickly and easily from anywhere and at any time. Incorporating microlearning sessions into your schedule is very simple. Here are some ideas on how you can get started:

Gamified learning

Microlearning can be used as gamificado learning, based on simple challenges, to complement a course of e-learning wider. Students must make the necessary decisions according to the scenario to advance in the course.


Infographics are a great way to present information because they allow students to instantly obtain information in a way that is easy to understand and can be quickly reviewed.

Videos and online courses

Watching short videos is the perfect way to learn something new. You can use tools, such as the new Movistar Campus Living App, to get endless tutorials or microlearning courses that adapt to your schedule and your learning needs. It only takes five minutes to watch a video and learn something new. Continuous learning of new skills will make you more competitive for promotions and other jobs that may interest you, helping you achieve your career goals. Use microlearning to meet your expectations and goals. Time is no longer an impediment, dare to enter the world of microlearning.

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