Best Foods that Increase Metabolism

Best Foods that Increase Metabolism
Foods that boost metabolism

Today I’ll tell you a secret about metabolism. After 36/38 years the metabolism begins to slow down because according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, our body contracts as we age and becomes more and more rigid and therefore more Yang.

Foods that boost metabolism

This is why our grandmothers at 90 are 10cm long. less than when they were 20. We would all inevitably go against this process which is the aging process.

The more your body is contracted, tense, and Yang, the slower your organs work and your metabolism also slows down. Today’s diet does not take into account this natural passage of the body. Nor does it take into account a fundamental principle on which our human body was naturally structured.

This principle is the Principle of Energy Dynamism.

Modern nutrition and modern diets do not take this principle into consideration and after 40 years of age, metabolisms are blocked and you get fat.

Eat Healthy food

You will learn this principle thoroughly in my latest work Super Slim where I will explain step by step how to restore energy dynamism in the body by reactivating the metabolism. And know that salads and raw vegetables will slow down your metabolism if you don’t put the right condiments in them.

The 8 recipes that you will find in the videos of the Super Slim program are not random recipes that you find everywhere, they are aimed at reactivating the energy metabolism of the body which I also want to talk about on Facebook live on Sunday 29 November at 11.30 on my Facebook Kitchen page in Change.

Quickly learning and applying the principle of energy movement is truly the key to reactivating the metabolism and cell renewal. In Super Slim, I propose to you a real purification of the organs. A detox and consequently a reactivation of the metabolism.

fast metabolism

If you always cook vegetables in the same way, steamed, grilled, or in salads, you are not making the most of the potential of vegetables.

Vegetables are not just vitamins and minerals, they have secret effects but if you don’t know them you risk even causing irritation to the colon and swelling as well as blocked metabolism or constipation.

Everyone thinks raw vegetables are the best, but that’s not the case. Indeed, in some cases, eating raw vegetables is a big food mistake.

I will explain everything to you in detail on Sunday 29 November at 11.30 on the live Facebook page Cucina in Cambio (NOT on the page of your Natural Diet in Balance).

But if you want to carry on straight away, don’t miss the Super Slim Black Friday opportunity with a 50% discount so tomorrow I will also answer your questions.

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