Best Times of the Day to Drink Coffee

Best Times of the Day to Drink Coffee
Coffee In The Morning

Has it become so indispensable that if by any chance you forget to take it you feel really down?
What is your experience with coffee? My husband and I left it ten years ago and it was a real achievement in health and well-being! When the decision to let go of coffee is accompanied by a food method that gives you crazy vital energy from the morning, you absolutely don’t need coffee.

Coffee In The Morning

I have never felt the need to drink it again and neither did my husband, not even before the triathlons, while all his companions di Lui drink two coffees to get more sprint he does not waste time because he has already taken all the energy he needs. serves from the breakfast of your natural diet in the balance.

But what does coffee do in our bodies?

The coffee beans are roasted at very high temperatures so when we drink coffee this roasted product has a yang effect or tension ???? on our organs!

In particular, it tends to the kidneys which for traditional Chinese medicine are our Vitali batteries and the liver and gallbladder! Over time these organs become so tense that you can no longer do without coffee and if you don’t take it you get a headache ????


For traditional Chinese medicine, the meridian of the liver and gallbladder passes right through the head, and as it happens if you begin to remove this tensor effect that the liver, the gallbladder, and consequently also your head start to relax ????

But the tension accumulated over the years, coffee after coffee, is no longer sustainable and you get a headache ???? and a kind of purification process starts there!

So coffee just so healthy isn’t it?

Quite right ???

This is what happened to some participants in my three-day initiative to purify and rebalance the body through some of my dietary tips.

Health benefits of coffee

However, I had advised keeping a coffee a day, not because it is good but because the body cannot make such a big leap without accusing it: from the daily habit of drinking coffee to zero.

What I recommend is:

Begin to adopt a dietary style that purifies and rebalances so that the body begins to draw energy from the right type of diet (for this reason I am waiting for you with my method your natural diet in balance. decrease the coffees little by little. Start using natural substitutes.

When was I living in Argentina with my husband after lunch or breakfast you drink yerba mate! For me, it was a real discovery! Ecco is an excellent natural substitute for coffee, it is a set of wild herbs that purify, help digestion, give a boost of energy and accelerate the metabolism! So they help to lose weight.

Obviously, to lose weight well, you must also have a targeted food strategy like the one I give you in advice and with my method but using this herb is already a good step! I love it and these days I found it in a herbalist’s shop also here in Santa Margherita Ligure! Seeing is believing.

Drink Coffee on an Empty Stomach

Furthermore, another good alternative is to start using barley or chicory coffee! I love putting my energy cookies on them! The chicory and barley coffee instead of straining helps the vital force of the kidneys, liver, and gallbladder! In short, the opposite of coffee which takes away this vital force overtime! Well, let me know if this post helped you.

And now I wait for you in the wonderful group of your natural balanced diet that is getting bigger and bigger: mothers, accountants, lawyers, actresses, hairdressers, managers, office workers, dancers, nurses, and nurses follow me successfully improving their eating habits and those the whole family.

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