How To Change My Diet to be Healthy

How To Change My Diet to be Healthy
Change My Diet to be Healthy

Changing your diet at this precise moment in history is an act that leads to life. It means that we live in a historical moment in which we have reached the extreme point of a diet that has lost all human value. From morning to evening we find ourselves with plastic packages to unpack and then eat (thinking we are eating), we open a package in the morning, we open packages in mid-morning and afternoon, for lunch and dinner we sit in front of canned food or in a jar: we discard the aluminum and foil packets of the butcher who sold us the bresaola or we place a slice of meat from the supermarket or the butcher on the plate, discarding it.

Change My Diet to be Healthy

The constant unwrapping would give us the illusion of eating healthy because they convinced us that bresaola or ham is low in fat and have a lot of noble proteins. But what nobility lies in a piece of slaughtered meat full of salt and hardened in some cold room for years and then sold? Both? now that we wake up from this sleep and find some post-industrial and natural news.

But what are the excellent reasons to change your diet and be reborn? I found some of them.

I have a disease/health problem

This is at the top of the list. Great really great reason to follow a new direction in terms of health, not just drugs but a new dietary style that will lead to a new lifestyle and then to thinking. Ah, what a big spring? the disease, without her who would change, thanks to her many decide to change their lives, me first. My polycystic ovary has led me on this path so I adore it and I love it because every month it confirms its improvement. Alleluia. If you have a health problem, think about a food change, you only have to gain from it. And if you want to write to me we will talk about it.

Weight / weight loss

ouch ouch ouch we are always at the level of the top-list in competition with the disease. Great really great reason to switch to a natural diet based on cereals, legumes, and vegetables. Years of Yo-Yo diets that have made the body and mind go crazy with guilt for having eaten sweets dripping with all kinds of fat or some other mess and a soul inside that screams:? And? time to seek gratification in nature, instead of calculating calories and weighing each bite. Do you live life in its fullness?

The personal ethics of healthy daily nutrition

Also wonderful reason? To feel part of a world that respects animals and the cycles of nature makes you feel peace within? themselves. For me? this reason does not arrive immediately, for me it was secondary, but once I arrive I can not anymore do without eating ethically.

Change your diet

For me this means trying to shop with seasonal products, not industrial, zero or little animal food, if I buy products from another hemisphere, make sure they come from a fair market that cannot be that of the big brands, so I enter the fair trade markets and I buy fair trade chocolate where the farmer over there is not used as a modern slave but is a man who gives? a value with his commitment to him and his salary of to a product that I buy.

So I’m a great reader of labels and a great nosy for shopkeepers. If I buy cheese for my husband, I want it to be a cheese full of love, and I’m looking for very small producers.

You are at a fixed point in your life and you don’t know where to restart it

Here? a turn towards natural nutrition inspired by the tradition of the great cultures of the world, can bring a start of dynamism in your life that can open unexpected horizons. Who knows if you don’t find yourself creating a new job, a new partner, or unlocking stagnant situations? Try and see but give yourself some time we talk about nutrition not about miracles, but in the long run with a little patience maybe you will be able to get a happier life.

You are already in the flow of change and do yoga or have a job that satisfies you.

Read books that help you evolve, frequent seminars, family constellations that have begun to melt deep breakouts in your life, but you are missing a piece to feel truly fit.

Diet Should Change As You Age

Understanding how to eat in a way that is truly close to nature and that it supports you in all the karmic cleansing processes you are carrying out. Very well, Cucina in change is the blog for you and I am at your disposal as a food consultant to support you in this magnificent completion. In this way, you will be able to raise your vibrations and fully tune into the great change that the world and life on this planet are beginning to experience.

The World Health Organization statement scared you

Ohh la meat and sausages cause or can cause cancer, now I don’t quite remember the proclamation. But the strongest statement! There are those like me who, when he heard it, breathed a sigh of relief looking at the sky, or there are those who want to believe that the quality product is less dangerous and then want to ignore it, there are those who do + put his hand on his he

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