Best Strategies for Learning on the Job

Best Strategies for Learning on the Job
Best Strategies for Learning on the Job

The world around us is constantly changing. Fashions, trends, tastes … And companies must change as society adopts new needs and requests. It is no longer enough to offer a good service or a good product. It is about offering the service and the product that the changing social demands. And since the core of any good company is its employees, they must reinvent themselves and adopt the culture of learning to ensure a future job in line with the changing needs of a competitive market.

Best Strategies for Learning on the Job

Far is that trend in which someone finished their professional studies. He joined a job and the years went by. Now the job future of each one requires constantly reinventing himself according to the winds of the trends and dynamics of the moment. Improve our work profile to improve as professionals so that we are always up to date.

Knowledge is one more element that companies must work with to remain competitive and to meet the current needs of their customers. And here the culture of learning has an important and increasingly relevant role.

Constant learning at different rates

An ever-changing society can overwhelm us. But on the other hand, this same society generates an enormous amount of knowledge like never before. In addition, it is available to everyone via the Internet.

By combining something as primitive as self-learning with something as novel as online training, we can access knowledge and improve our professional profile. Enrich and ensure a future job. Without moving from home and without the need to travel abroad or study at expensive universities. The e-learning and MOOCs (massive and open courses online) allow any worker to expand their knowledge in their spare time and reinvent themselves at their own pace.

Strategies for Learning on the Job

On the other hand, the companies themselves must bet on the constant training of their employees. Something that takes us back to past times. In the past, a worker entered as an apprentice and learned as he developed his services for the company. Today, the equivalent is more complex. It happens throughout the working career and does not start from scratch. But, the result is the same. That the company gets the best of its workers. According to your internal and external needs.

In this sense, and depending on their size, companies can choose to create their own continuous training structures or benefit from already consolidated projects such as Telefonica’s SkillsBank, which provides courses, training, and advice to promote the most requested profiles in each sector.

The keys to professionally reinventing yourself

What can we do to learn new things and take care of our future work incorporating new knowledge? In reality, there is no single resource for this. Rather, we must implement new habits so that learning is part of our professional day-to-day life.

Active Learning Strategies

At the domestic level. It is convenient to constantly learn from colleagues, interact with other departments to know the ins and outs of the entire company and not limit ourselves to our area of ​​action or comfort zone. We can set goals for ourselves. And help us with more complete or experienced profiles that we have around us as a mentor.

A level external. It is convenient to have one eye within our company and another beyond. Specifically in our professional sector. Learning from the competition, knowing the trends and movements that occur in our professional area is essential to know what skills we have to enhance in ourselves and, within our possibilities, what changes to introduce into our own company.

It is clear that the increasingly widespread learning culture is not a matter of a day. Although it is difficult for us to start with it, learning something new every day should become one more habit of our workday. As important as maintaining good communication with our bosses and co-workers. Expanding and improving our professional skills and constantly updating our work background little by little is being something as natural as making a video call instead of a physical meeting.

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